About Universal Interiors

Universal Interiors (Universal Drywall, Inc.) was founded in 1989 by a professional management team. Headquartered in Las Vegas, our extensive experience gives us a reputation as the best commercial drywall contractors in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Professional Commercial Drywall Contractors

Universal Interiors is devoted to customer satisfaction with over 100 years combined experience in the construction industry. We take pride in developing a relationship with our customers that lasts a lifetime. Through our superior performance we strive to be a team of exceptional people who consistently exceed customer expectations every day, on every project.

“I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with this company. My mind was put completely at ease as we went through the renovation of our building” Karen Spudich, President of Bartenders Local #165

Our team of contractors are equally committed to excellence on small and large construction jobs alike, coordinating and working harmoniously with others. We pursue keeping projects on schedule without sacrificing the highest quality and utmost safety. We implement an employee safety program with an outstanding safety record in the industry.

Through our efforts to gain mutual trust and respect from our clients and contractors, we have successfully established a respectable customer base over the years. References are encouraged and will be provided upon request.

Associations and Memberships
Universal Interiors is owned by Nevell Group Inc. and is a member of the Western Wall And Ceiling Contractors Association, as well as the National Fireproofing Contractors Association.  Signatory with the Southwest Regional Council Of Carpenters  and the International Union Of Painters.

Contractor Licenses
Universal Interiors is a fully licensed contractor in the state of Nevada.

Nevada Licenses
License 0090795: C-4A Painting, C-4B Wall Covering, C-4C Taping and Finishing, C-4E Drywall
Monetary Limit: Unlimited

License 0090201: C-17 Lathing and Plastering
Monetary Limit: Unlimited

License 0091138: C-3A Carpentry and Repairs, C-3C Insulation and Weather Stripping, C-3E Drywall
Monetary Limit: Unlimited